🚫Git Private Submodules

As part of our monorepo, we have some private git submodules that are private.


Although we try to keep as much of our codebase as possible open source. We don't want to make it too easy for a wanna be competitor or copy-cat to just clone our repo and setup mycal.com to compete with us, thus, some more sensitive parts of our codebase or like our landing / marketing pages at cal.com will remain private closed source repos, which will live under git private submodules in our main monorepo.


This is our main landing page when you go at cal.com, it contains our proprietary signup implementation, which let's you purchase a subscription for a -premium- username at cal.

It also contains our blogposts and other landing pages.


The console is a private repo and not shared with anyone, console is where we control all the related stuff to deployments, keys, add-ons, etc. All kind of users will access it via console.cal.com to manage their subscriptions/deployments/keys for self-hosted enterprise instances.

Since we don't want any code related to console to leak into the public repos, it syncs with the user at website when you signup, but creates a new user in a separate console database that holds the customer data. This user data gets synced via cronjob once a day.


Although API is a private submodule and closed-source, self-hosted infra customers can get access to the code in order to run API alongside their self-hosted cal instance.

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