👷‍♀️IC2 Engineer (Code Craftsperson)

"I'm in the sweet spot of my career, designing features that solve real problems and shaping the future of our software."

  • Role: Engineers at this level are expected to delve deeper into the foundational code and provide leadership in project development.

  • Responsibilities:

    • Design, implement, and maintain software systems and components.

    • Lead larger projects independently.

    • Take full ownership and responsibility for designated projects and functionalities.

  • Leadership: IC2s not only contribute but also guide and help in the growth of IC1s, but they serve as points of reference for certain projects or modules.

  • Learning: You should be diving into more complex concepts like design patterns, IoC, safe refactoring, introduction of seams, architectural patterns, etc.

  • Expertise: You're now producing more solid code. The beginner mistakes you used to make are now fading away as you hone your craft.

  • Path to IC3 Engineer:

    • Typical timeframe

      • 2-4 years

      • You need to consistently demonstrate skills of an IC3 in order to be promoted.

      • You do not need to work on Foundation team to move to IC3.

    • Lead by example

      • Be a role model for junior and mid-level engineers by consistently delivering high-quality work, following best practices, and actively participating in code reviews and knowledge sharing.

    • Initiate and drive projects

      • Take the initiative to propose and lead technical projects that will have a substantial impact on the team. This demonstrates your ability to set and achieve technical objectives.

    • Deepen technical expertise

      • Continue to expand your technical knowledge and expertise in your chosen domain. Specialize in areas that are relevant to our team and company's goals.

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