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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Pyramid


Our mission is to connect a billion people by 2031 through calendar scheduling.
In a few words, our mission is to connect people. Scheduling enables people to meet, appointments for services to be booked, and so much more. We aim to build the core infrastructure of the web that facilitates scheduling and enables people to manage their time.


Bring the world closer together – for real this time.
Connecting a billion people by the year 2031 means expanding our SaaS consumer product and gaining market share first and then closing enterprise/infrastructure customers down the road. Our hope is to eventually work with most Fortune500 enterprises and governments around the world.


Move with urgency and focus

Our users entrust us with their money, their businesses, and their livelihoods. Millions of businesses around the world (individuals, startups, and large enterprises) are open for business only if we are. When we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down, it matters. We take that responsibility seriously.

Think rigorously

We care about being right and it often takes reasoning from first principles to get there. Considering the huge impact that we have (as described above), we care about not just making the best decisions possible. We like to involve everyone in the decision-making process.

Trust and amplify

By the standards of the rest of the world, we overtrust. We’re okay with that. As an open-source company, someone could take our code and launch a rip-off using our software. Yet, we still remain to be open-source. That's because our philosophy is just to trust that few people will do this, and work on amplifying our brand to the point that rip-offs would gain absolutely no traction and no harm would be done. If you could get the source code to Facebook and launch a competitor, it wouldn’t get anywhere, would it?


Through the tools that we build, we want to push the world to create better products and services. We want to build one of the core pillars of the internet, like Stripe, Cloudflare or other companies.


We are micro pessimists but macro optimists.


We’ll always be transparent both internally and externally, so regardless of your position in our company, we’ll always share everything with you. We also share a lot of details about our inner workings with the community too. Every important KPI, including salaries, are open at This very handbook you are reading is open.


We’re open and honest with each other and the public, even when things go wrong. We hope that our honesty helps build trust within our team and trust in our company as a whole.


We should always be understanding of each other’s mistakes. Things happen, and we should all be understanding of that. Offer each other support instead of anything negative.

Big goals

Whilst we want to keep our team small, we have big goals and a rapid pace.


You won’t find any discrimination at our company. No matter who you are, we will always be welcoming and supportive of your position in our team. Our open and global salary policy makes compensation more fair and inclusive.

Remote and Async

You’re already aware of the fact that we’re remote and async which we plan to be forever, and we’ll always have a remote-first culture. We're inviting the team to retreats every once in a while.


We are always thinking about the long-term when we make our decisions, as we plan to be a sustainable company. Our most recent fundraising gives us a long runway to prefer long-term over short-term decisions.

No-competition thinking

Our only competitor is the of yesterday. We're constantly improving and never compare ourselves to others (in terms of market competition). We do not compete with proprietary SaaS companies. The next best alternative needs to be another open-source scheduling tool–which does not exist yet.

Employee growth

We give all of our employees a clear path of growth, enabling them to develop within our company.

Salary equality

Equal pay for equal jobs, regardless of location, gender, race, or anything else. Pretty much all salaries are open at


We plan to run the company in a very capital-efficient way to preserve longevity.