How we work on Tickets

Linear and

We use for all issue tracking and use, our self-made Linear 🔄 GitHub Sync tool to 1-to-1 sync tickets.
This app lets you mirror Linear tickets to public GitHub issues, comments and all. This way, open-source teams can chat with contributors without giving access to an internal Linear team.
By default, every ticket from Linear will be sent to GitHub and comments and statuses will be synced back and forth.
Non-team members such as open-source contributors can continue to create tickets on Github and Core members can assign the label "linear" to sync it back into Linear.
The roadmap will continue to be public:
We run on a monthly tagged release schedule with a weekly minor release each Monday.
For tracking milestones, we use Linear Projects (v.2.2, v.2.3, etc.).
When you're joining the team, make sure to join the ", Inc." Linear team and then visit​
  • click "Connect to Linear" and make sure to select the “Engineering team” on the Linear dropdown and not “Product team”
  • click "Connect to GitHub" and select calcom/

Linear Tips and Tricks

Use Favorites to reduce noise


Use Keyboard shortcuts

  • Hover over a function to see the keyboard shortcut

Add mobile website to Homescreen for PWA experience

  • on iPhone, open on Safari and "Add to Homescreen"
  • on Android, open with Chrome and "Add to Homescreen"

Add "linear" to Github tickets from Community members

  • They'll then show up and sync in Linear

Remove "Public" label for private issues

  • For sensitive issues in Linear (such as userdata or security issues), remove the "Public" label

Linear Issue vs Discussion

Our Issues should only include code-related issues.