📚Keeping Docs up-to-date

To ensure relevance of the documentation we must strictly follow a simple protocol whenever raising a PR. There is a tag in Github that says "Needs documentation update", and looks like the following:

Please follow these steps in your PRs from now on:

  1. If you're working on a new feature, please make sure to add the "Needs Documentation Update" tag to the PR.

  2. If you're working on an existing feature, please visit the Docs and confirm that the documentation is consistent with the changes you're making. If not, please add the "Needs Documentation Update" tag to the PR.

For each PR where you place "Needs Documentation Update" tag, please make note of adding a Loom Video explaining the exact changes and how-to guide. Alternatively, you can write up the changes in as much detail as possible so that the docs can be updated to match the latest changes.

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