🧙‍♂️IC4 Engineer (Code Wizard)

"I'm the wizard behind the code, conjuring up solutions to the most challenging problems and guiding our technical vision into the future."

  • Role: IC4s lead from the front, guiding the entire engineering team and working closely with collaborators from outside the company.

  • Responsibilities:

    • Mentor and guide team members across all IC levels.

    • Collaborate with external partners and lead integration projects with companies such as Prisma, BoxyHQ, and tRPC.

    • Work closely with Head of Engineering to drive technical roadmaps.

    • Respond to application alerts extremely quickly and ensure we are striving towards extremely high uptime.

  • Leadership:

    • IC4s are not just experts in their field but are also responsible for the growth and direction of the engineering team.

    • Be the rock the team needs when things are on fire. Your ability to demonstrate calmness and composure during difficult outages will go a long way in bringing the team together to quickly resolve the issue.

  • Expertise:

    • There's no problem they can't solve.

    • They know our tech like the back of their hand.

    • Their code is practically flawless.

      • They expertly design functions, classes and modules such that they are easily testable with unit and integration tests.

      • Other engineers easily understand their code and can extend it with little-to-no complications.

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