Sharing your views

Discussions about your views about politics, religion, ethics or anything similar can be quite a controversial thing in the workplace. For instance, some of you may have seen the "No Politics" policy of Coinbase announcement two years ago:​
We're trying to keep this as simple as possible, so we've laid out some core principles that we believe in that you should be following at
  • The workspace is fundamentally a place to work, and we want the work to be meaningful, with the least amount of distractions
  • We are inclusive of all genders, looks, religions, and political opinions as long as their opinions are inclusive as well
  • We do not tolerate intolerance such as hate speech or anything fringe that makes people feel uncomfortable (read: the paradox of tolerance
  • The company itself has no political agenda (neither left, nor right, nor centrist) other than a humanist approach: offer a workspace of dignity, respect, fairness, and inclusivity
  • You are welcome to celebrate and talk about your religion and beliefs with us as long as it is respectful to others and their views.
  • We are a team that is spread out into many many countries and most people are only politically active within their own country (sometimes only their district). Would you really care if Peer posts a lot about Germany's elections or if Bailey spends his time arguing about Britain's latest policies? Probably not.
  • We want to offer a workspace where you have enough time for yourself. Time for hobbies, time for physical and mental health, time for friends, time for gaming, whatever your passion is, but also time for political and religious activities.


  • we tolerate everything but intolerance
  • we ask you to spend time campaigning outside of the workspace
  • focus on connecting 1B people by 2031 – that's likely more political impact (reducing bureaucracy, saving time for government appointments, increasing GDP by digitising manual processes)