This policy applies to all our employees that need to spend money on work-related activities/items. All items should be charged to the appropriate Ramp card. If reimbursement is needed, we will reimburse all reasonable business expenses, after they are approved, in part or in full, depending on their alignment with this policy.

Policy elements

Employee expenses fall under two categories:
  • Expenses that are paid directly by our company on behalf of employees (on your Ramp card).
  • Expenses that are paid by our employees and are reimbursable.
We’ll reimburse all reasonable business expenses, after they are approved, in part or in full as the case may be.

Company-Wide SaaS

For any SaaS that is relevant for the entire org (such as Sendgrid, Vercel, etc.), please talk to Bailey or Peer first and then use the "Company-wide SaaS" card in Bitwarden.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses include any kind of transportation and accommodation expenses that you incur when going on a business trip. Expenses related to this category that may be fully or partly reimbursable include:
  • Accommodation
  • Legal document expenses (e.g. Visa)
  • Air, train, ship, or other transportation fares
  • Necessary medical expenses (e.g. vaccinations)
  • Local transportation during trips (taxi fares, rental cars, etc.)
  • Other minor or per diem expenses that have been approved by an employee’s manager (e.g. meals, business material)
  • Medical care fees after travel-related accidents may be covered by workers' compensation insurance. If not, we may reimburse you for your medical expenses, if appropriate.
We only allow expensing of economy (or whichever the most basic) class of travel is, and in the case that baggage costs apply, we only allow expensing of the minimum amount of baggage required for you to travel.

Sub-Policies (Travel)

Visit Your Co-Worker Stipend

  • This stipend specifically covers transportation expenses for anyone wanting to visit a co-worker vis air, train, ship, space travel or other transportation fares.
  • We require a minimum of three coworkers to meet in order for you to be eligible for this.
  • This stipend is subject to fair usage limits, as travel can get quite expensive.
  • You must obtain approval for these trips.

Personal SaaS

Any software that is deemed appropriate and needed for you to do your job well. Some examples could be:
  • Grammarly
  • VS Code extensions
For any company-wide SaaS subscriptions (that will be shared), message Peer, Bailey or Sydney. We will purchase licenses in bulk for discounts.


The Well-Being stipend includes any wellness for business products, such as
and similar
We currently do not expense gym memberships.


The workspace stipend will be split into 2 sections: Workspace Furniture and IT Equipment.
Workspace Furniture
The workspace furniture stipend allows you to purchase any of the following:
  • Computer Desks
  • Chairs
You should see this as a Ramp card in your account.
Ordering IT Equipment approves the use of Linux, and Apple's macOS. Microsoft Windows is prohibited for the following reasons:
  • Due to Microsoft Windows' dominance in desktop operating systems, Windows is the platform most targetted by spyware, viruses, and ransomware.
  • macOS is preinstalled on Apple computers and Linux is available free of charge. To approve the use of Windows, would have to purchase Windows Professional licenses, as Windows Home Edition does not satisfy security guidelines.
  • Windows Home Edition is notoriously hard to secure.
You can order new equipment from the following form:​
If you already have a personal device or peripheral that you are willing to use please don't buy a duplicate through
If you require something which is not listed on the form please contact [email protected] and each request will be reviewed individually.
Please note also that you are only eligible to request equipment if you are a full-time employee and have passed any probationary period. We will place any requests made before this point on hold until you are deemed eligible.

Sub-Policies (Workspace)

Streaming Stipend
  • offers a streaming stipend to allow anyone committed to streaming to purchase streaming materials (e.g. microphone, lights, etc). Please message Bailey and Sydney. This stipend requires some minimum effort to stream.

Coworking stipend

We are excited to offer a coworking stipend policy for team members who have been with us for at least six months. This policy allows you to apply for a WeWork All Access pass, granting you access to a wealth of working spaces, subject to certain conditions. Notably, you must commit to utilizing the pass for a full 12 months, ensuring the expense is well utilized. We also request that you live in proximity to a WeWork location to justify the pass usage. Locations can be found on the WeWork website. As part of your pass, you will be granted an allocation of 120 black and white prints and 20 color prints monthly - please be aware that this is part of the company's pooled resource, and it's likely that the whole company's budget will show up under your account.
Be sure to seek authorization before using additional credits as they collectively belong to the company, not individuals. Lastly, please note that the coworking stipend is exclusively for WeWork All Access passes. Due to administrative and tax-related constraints, we cannot offer stipends for day passes, private offices, dedicated desks, or other coworking spaces beyond WeWork. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we continue to create a conducive work environment for all our team members.


Education Stipend can be anything used to better your education to help with your job/position or potential growth at Some examples could be:
  • Courses
  • Bootcamps
Please be mindful that the educational parts should impact your work at Cooking classes are hard (impossible) for us to reconcile. Get approval for your education stipend purchases from your manager.

Non-reimbursable expenses

We won’t reimburse the following:
  • Expenses incurred by spouses or other non-employees who accompany our employees on their travels
  • Un-authorized/non-approved service upgrade (e.g. business class or hotel rooms)
  • Personal services (beauty treatments etc.)
  • Personal purchases (gifts, clothes, etc.)
  • Lost personal property (e.g. luggage)
This list is not exhaustive. Please ask Peer or Bailey about reimbursable expenses before you go on a business trip.
This category includes expenses that are related to an employee either in the form of a benefit (e.g. work laptop) or entertainment expenses that may occur in a business setting (e.g. professional dinners with clients or colleagues.)
These expenses may be capped and Peer/Bailey should approve them. If you spend more than the approved amount, you must cover the extra cost yourself.
We won’t reimburse the following work expenses:
  • Unauthorized or unscheduled business meetings with clients, partners or job candidates
  • Fines incurred while driving a company vehicle
  • Non-business subscriptions/training
  • Personal trips
  • This list is not exhaustive. Please ask Peer/Bailey about reimbursable expenses before you submit a claim.


When you plan to go on work-related trips or purchase using your allocated stipend. You need to:
  • Document any expenses/items that our company hasn’t directly arranged for (e.g. taxi fares)
  • Please ask for bills and receipts whenever you can (when travelling, you might also receive a per diem sum to cover other necessary travel expenses)
  • Submit your reimbursement claim through Ramp or submit your receipt to [email protected] with a memo. Please submit your claim/report within 7 days after purchasing.
Your manager or HR is responsible for approving reimbursement claims. If your manager approves your expenses, you will receive your reimbursement within [two] pay periods directly into your bank account that you linked to Ramp.
When you incur work-related expenses, you should:
  • Ask for your manager’s approval.
  • Submit a reimbursement claim.
We’ll investigate any excessive expenses. In cases of consistent falsified or exaggerated claims, we'll need to revise the policies or remove access to certain categories.