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Routing Forms/Event Routing

Further dicussions would happen on RFC and once we ship it, it would have final implementation details

Why Routing Forms


Types of Routing

  • Route to particular cal link.
  • Route to booking with a particular member of a team event that's the best match. It can be like a new addition to Scheduling Type options (Collective, Round Robin) - Calendly doesn't seem to have it.
  • Route to external URL e.g. if requirements for a meeting don’t meet
  • Route to a Page with a custom message e.g. Thank you for your interest but we aren't ready to serve you yet.


  • Support in both embed and direct Cal link.
  • Enrich using the data directly provided by the user or any plugin(e.g. in embed there can be a plugin that can use the data available to the website about the user) and then use the data to decide which team member to route to.
  • Duplicate a Routing Form
  • Export Results
    • As there would be more data that can be useful for the organizer to learn about the booker before the meeting, this is important.
  • Questions can be marked required/optional


  • Do we use the private URL for it or make it work directly with the public Cal Link ?


Form Builder with logic(UI)
  • To create questions.
Types of Questions
  • Name - Calendly doesn't allow routing based on it
    • Flavours
      • Single Input Box
      • Full Name, Middle Name, LastName
  • Email
    • Operators - Operates on Email domain only(probably)
      • includes
      • doesn't include
  • Phone Number - Calendly doesn't allow routing based on it
  • Short Text - Calendly doesn't allow routing based on it
  • Long Text - Calendly doesn't allow routing based on it
  • Radio
    • Operators
      • is
      • is not
  • Single Select
    • Operators
      • is
      • is not
  • Multi Select [Not in Calendly]
  • Checkbox [Not in Calendly
Routing Module(UI)
  • [Not in Calendly] It can allow the user to choose the route to a different next question based on previous answers
    • Software Engineer →Go to Question(To Learn Programming Language) → C++(answered) -> Book a meeting with a C++ Expert
    • Designer → Go to Question(Learn which Design tool) → Answered(Figma) -> Book meeting with a Figma expert
Useful Open Source Projects
  • A query builder that can export to JSON Logic​
    • Pros
      • Provides Drag and Drop of conditions
      • Many operators are supported based on data type
      • Grouping Support Group1 = A || B; Group2=C || D and Group1 && Group2
      • Declarative UI builder
      • Automation Tests
    • Cons
      • Would need to work on UI.
      • Doesn't use tailwind.
      • Not well maintained. We can just fork from it
      • Automation tests in Karma
  • JSON logic JS - Can evaluate JSON logic to true/false​
Team Member - Attributes set and update (UI)

MoM 12th May

  • Ciaran to check Calendly and Deel to understand what should be our MVP
  • Calendly is more custom and doesn't consider Calendly Team Member attributes